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Prof. Dr. Michal Poradowski - Roman Catholic Priest. Son of Stanislaw Poradowski and Wanda Aleksandra Bieniecka. Family Coat of Arms - SAS. His father Stanislaw, electrical engineer owned estate Niedzwiady.

Father Michal Poradowski was bom on September 4, 1913, in his family estate Niedzwiady, near Kalisz in Poland. 

He attended T. Kosciuszko Gymnasium in Kalisz where he was active in Scouting and belonged to the Youth of Great Poland. 
In 1936
after graduating from Roman Catholic Seminary in Wloclawek, he was ordained a priest and studied Law in the University of Warsaw.  World War II began in September 1, 1939 and Hitler’s Germany with Stalin’s Soviet Union defeated and divided Poland. Father Poradowski joined National –People’s Military Organization (Narodowo –Ludowa Organizacja Wojskowa). 
Later on, he participated in organizing National Armed Forces (Narodowe Sily Zbrojne), where in rank of captain he became Chief of the Chaplains. At this same time he continued to study in the underground University of Warsaw. In cooperation with Pallotine Priests, father Poradowski published “Lux mundi”, a quarterly magazine for catholic spiritual development in times of war. After World War II and implementation of Jalta’s Conference agreements, Poland became Soviets Union puppet state.  Being for short time a pastor of small parishes in Tlokinia and Michelin, he was called to work and teach in Roman Catholic Seminary in Wloclawek. Shortly after, he was warned that communist secret services of People’s  Poland and Soviet Union where ready to get him. He escaped from People’s Poland to Western Europe, and joined forces loyal to Government of Poland in Exile in London, England.  He stayed in France and continued education in The University of Paris – Sorbona, where he became Doctor at Law in 1947,Doctor of Theology in 1948 and Doctor of Economy, Sociology and Politics of Institute Catolique in 1949. He specialized in the “Theory of permanent revolution in Marks, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Trocki”. In France he observed that the changes going on inside the Roman Catholic Church where not in line with the teaching of the Magisterium of the Church and it was contrary to the Tradition. The Roman Catholic Church was under heavy influence of destructive ideas of French Revolution and various Protestants sects.  He constructively began to expose them, by writing to warn the faithful about destructive trends in book “Protestantization of Catholic Church” in 1945. It was printed in Polish magazine  Duszpasterz Polski Zagranica. 

In 1950 Father Poradowski went to Chile and began teaching “Sociology and Society in the Catholic Church” in the Catholic University in Santiago. There he published his first book in Spanish, “ Sociology of Civilization “.

In 1953 as a guest of Government of Spain, he went there to study sociology. After coming back to Chile, he united Poles living there to be loyal to the Polish Government in Exile in London, and to oppose the communist government of People’s Poland. With short interruptions, he continues teaching in the Papal Catholic University in Valparaiso until 1989. Father Michal Poradowski was very active in analyzing and opposing communist infiltration of societies and Roman Catholic Church. He published the quarterly magazine Estudios Sobre el Comunismo(The Study of Communism), and was very active in promoting traditional catholic teachings. After the changes promoted by Vatican II Council, the Church’s authority in Chile ordered him to shut down his magazine. He participated in works of the Committee, which helped preserve and published works of late Prof. Feliks Koneczny, authority on “history and differences of civilizations”. After President Allende took power, leaders of the Church removed him from teaching, suspended him from hearing confessions, being Convent’s chaplain and doing other priestly duties. For the next tree years, he worked for living as a taxi driver. Father Poradowski defended the decisions of the Supreme Court of Chile. He also was a supporter and defender of General Augusto Pinochet.In 1973 General Pinochet acting on behalf of Supreme Court, removed president Allende from power for noncompliance with the Constitution of Republic of Chile and creating a communist state. In 1974 Father Poradowski began teaching again and his priestly duty were restored. . In 1974 in Chile he published “Marxismo invade la Iglesia” (Marxist invasion of the Church) and “ Teologia de la Liberation” (Theology of Liberation) and in 1976 in Spain, “Marxismo en la teologia” (Marxism in the theology). In 1987 in Santiago de Chile work “Karl Marx, su pensamiento y su revolution “ (Karl Marx, and his revolutions thinking) is published. He was involved with the Naval Academy (Academia de Guerra Naval in Valpariso) in Chile and traveled to Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay to teach in Military Academies and Universities to help understand the danger of communist’s infiltration and to clarify traditional Roman Catholic teaching. In 1986 – 1990 he worked in Metropolitan University of Santiago teaching “Society and the Church’s teaching”. Disintegration of Soviet Empire and Solidarity movement in 1980 initiated changes in Poland. 

In September 4, 1993 Father Michal Poradowski returned to his native country, where he could publish his works. “Heritage of French Revolution”, “Talmud or Bible”, “Palimpsest”, “New World’s Order”, “Neocatechumenat“,  “Sources of modern ecumenism –Tribalism“, “Thirty anniversary of Vatican II Council“, “Problems of II Vatican Council“,  “Catholic State of Polish Nation” , “Theology of liberation or enslavement” and many others.

He died in June 16, 2003.  Latin Mass of Tridentine Rite was celebrated in city of Wroclaw and his body was put to rest in family grave in the village of Kokanin. Throughout his very active live he published numerous books, articles and works in Polish, Spanish, English and Portuguese, and participated in many anticommunist and Tomistic conferences and symposiums all over the world. He never ceased to be Roman Catholic Priest and Soldier of Christ. For his work he was awarded and recognized numerous times in Chile and in Poland and left many friends all over the world.

Scientific activities of Prof. Dr. Michal Poradowski.

Participated in international scientific congresses.

First International Congress of Christian Philosophy, in Cordoba Argentina.  
Lectured on: " Immanentism in modern theology".

Eight International Tomistic Congress in Rome, Italy.

International Congress of Social Teaching of the Catholic Church in Mendoza, Argentina.

Lectured on: 

"Social teaching of Catholic Church versus socialism".

"Meaning of private ownership in Christian Society.”

"Just reward for performed work seen in social Teaching of the Catholic Church, and economic theory of Adam Smith."

"Defending ecology in Octogesima Adveniens".


International Congress of Social Teaching of Roman Catholic Church in Rome, Italy.


Participated m International Anticommunist Congresses.

1954 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1956 -
Lima, Peru.
1978 -
Asuncion, Paraguay.
1980 -
Republic of Taiwan.

Participated in Weeks of Study Catholic Philosophy in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Lectured on:

1975 - "Marxists analysis and metaphysics".

1975 - "Marxization of Theology".

1977 - "Influence of Karl Barth in marxization of theology".

1978 - "Marxism and Philosophy of History".

1979 - "Conference in Pueblo, Mexico and marxist, communist revolution".

1980 - "Philosophic and theological toughs of John Paul II".

1981 - "Historical materialism and economical determinism".

1982 - "Marxist's emporium of rape and force of justice".

Participated m Weeks of Tomistic Study in Catholic University of Valparaiso, Chile.

Lectured on:

1974 — "Why marxists are fighting tomistic philosophy?".

1975 - "Critics of Cari Rahner’s thesis from tomistic view".

1976 - "Theologies of liberation".  
1977 - "Social justice in philosophy of St. Thomas ".  
1978 -
"Theology of liberation in Latin America".  
1979 -
"Marxist philosophy of history in context of tomism".  
1980 -
"Critics of marxists analysis from tomistic view ".  
1981 —
"Presence of Tomism in social encyclicals".  
1982 -
"Encyclical terminology in Laborem Esercens".  


Participated in thirty conferences in 1976 in Brazil.

Lectured in twenty Institutions of Brazil’s Armed Forces and in ten different Universities about "World’s communist revolution".

Participated in various conferences in Chile from 1974 until 1989.

Lectured more than hundred times about Social Teaching of Catholic
Church and Understanding of Social's Encyclicals in Santiago, Valparaiso and in Vina del Mar, for Diego Portales Institute, Woman’s and Youth's organizations associated with Chile's government.

Completed on October 13, 2004 anniversary of apparition of Blessed Mother in Fatima, Portugal
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